ENDRUST® RCP150 Rust Converter Primer & Sealer is a water-based tannic acid rust converter that converts rust to a black stable sealed and primed finish preventing further corrosion. It can be over painted with traditional bituminous, acrylic, enamel, or epoxy rustproofing coatings to give additional corrosion proofing or sound deadening. It is suitable to treat rust in all areas and is ideal for use in inaccessible areas and for tools and components that are usually not primed or rust proofed.
ENDRUST® RCP150 can be applied directly over existing rusted surfaces to neutralise and stop rust and provide prolonged protection.

It is an ideal for:

• Vehicle Underbody and Chassis Restoration.
• Trailers, Mining, and Industrial Equipment
• Agricultural and Aquafarming.
• Marine and Offshore installations & equipment.

Sizes: 5L

Finish: Dries Clear – turns rusted metal black

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