ENDRUST® ML602 is a heavy-duty rustproofing “Cavity Wax” that meets AS2662, Part 1 – 1983 standards for corrosion inhibition in motor vehicles. Specifically designed for ‘fogging style’ application, it effectively prevents rust formation in internal box sections, door cavities, sills, and pillars of vehicles. Upon drying, it forms a soft brown waxy protective coating. Engineered with rheology control, it ensures superb atomization with fogging attachments, even in low-pressure systems, and boasts outstanding seam penetration with minimal sag and run.

Note: This product is NOT a rust converter. (see Endrust RCP150) Do not use this product as an undercoat for paint. Not recommended on exposed areas such as the underbody or wheel arches because the film could become damaged, preventing complete protection.

Sizes: 20L

Appearance:  WAXY BEIGE

Also known as:   Cavity Wax | Upperbody Wax | Topside Wax|

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