ENDRUST® PSXCLEAR is a Polysiloxane Clear Coat designed as a finishing high gloss clear to give protection in extreme conditions. The silicone backbone reacts to form an extremely hard, non-yellowing surface which has significantly improved oil and water repellence compared to standard two-pack topcoats. The most enhanced feature is the reduced dirt adhesion of the coating making it very difficult for minerals, salts and general dirt and grime to stick to this surface. In working situations where extreme conditions abound, the coating is easy to clean and so enhances the life of the existing coating and substrate. The silicone modification enhances the surface hardness which improves the mar and scratch resistance also.

• Mining and Industrial Heavy Machinery.
• Marine Structures and Equipment.
• Drilling & Exploration Equipment.
• Mining and Industrial Sites including structures, pipes, roofs, and tank exteriors.
• General Construction and Steelwork

Sizes: 4L

Colour:  CLEAR

Also known as: Ultratect PSX | Epoxy Based CLEARCOAT

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