ENDRUST® RXBLACK is a general-purpose Gloss Black Rustproofing Sealant that remains flexible after fully curing. An ideal coating for vehicle chassis and underbodies, implements, agricultural machinery, trailers, garbage disposal containers, and engineering equipment. The finish obtained is glossy and is fast drying, allowing quick turnaround times for vehicles.

• Forms a strong, flexible, protective coating.
• Very little preparation is required.
• Everyday use as a stand-alone protective coating.
• Also suited as a protective coating over painted surfaces.
• Can also be applied to bare metal as a paint primer.
• Ideal for automotive, industrial, marine and general use.
• Non-conducting.
• Long-Term protection.
• Will dramatically reduce corrosion from electrolysis

This product is formulated to exceed AS2662 Corrosion Inhibition (Rust Proofing) Motor Vehicles Part 1.

Sizes: 300g Aerosol, 20L, 200L

Colour:  BLACK

Also known as RX200 BLACK | RXBLACK Bottomside | RXBLACK Underbody

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