The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) provides customers with certain rights and protections when they make purchases. These rights include:

1. **Consumer Guarantees:** When you purchase goods or services, they must meet specific consumer guarantees. These guarantees ensure that the products are of acceptable quality, fit for their intended purpose, match their description or any sample provided, and have a clear title. Additionally, services must be carried out with due care and skill, and any materials used must be fit for the purpose.

2. **Repair, Replacement, or Refund:** If a product you purchase has a major problem, you have the right to choose between a repair, replacement, or refund. For minor problems, the seller can choose to offer a repair or replacement.

3. **Cancellation of Services:** You have the right to cancel a service and obtain a refund if the service is not provided with due care and skill, or if it’s not fit for the specified purpose.

4. **Unsolicited Goods and Services:** You are not obligated to pay for goods or services that you did not order or request.

5. **Consumer Guarantees for Online Products and Services:** The ACL applies to online purchases just like it does for in-store purchases. If digital products or services, like apps or online subscriptions, have faults that would have stopped someone from buying them if they were known, you may be entitled to a refund.

6. **Manufacturer’s Express Warranty:** If a manufacturer provides an additional warranty, it is in addition to the consumer guarantees under the ACL and doesn’t limit or replace them.

7. **Accurate Product Information:** Businesses must not make false or misleading claims about their products or services. This includes advertising and labelling.

It’s important to note that these rights may vary depending on the specific circumstances and nature of the purchase. For more detailed information about your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, you can refer to the official website of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or consult with legal experts.

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