Electronic Rust Protection Systems are a very popular and effective alternative rustproofing solution.

Electronic Rust Protection Systems operate by “impressing” or “forcing” an alternating current (AC) of a specific waveform and frequency into the metallic body of the vehicle which interrupts the rusting process.

The CAT Electronic Rust Protection System by ENDRUST is a high-quality product that uses the most advanced technology to protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion. It can work by itself or together with our spray-on coatings to create a powerful multi-layer rust protection solution for your vehicle.

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Selection Guide

For passenger 2WD & 4WD vehicles that mainly drive on sealed roads, we recommend using the "2 Coupler" System. If you occasionally go off-road, we suggest the "4 Coupler" System. For those who frequently operate their vehicle near saltwater or on the beach, the "6 Coupler" System is the ideal choice. For vehicles used in high-risk environments, such as mine sites or coastal/offshore facilities, we highly recommend the "8 Coupler" System.

Easy DIY Installation

The CAT System has been engineered for simple DIY installation, and it doesn't necessitate any specialized tools or drilling. It won't disrupt the vehicle's electronics (EMC C-Tick, FCC & E-13 Certified), and it's entirely secure, eco-friendly, and can be combined with spray-on rustproofing coatings. Additionally, all buyers receive a written 10-Year manufacturer's warranty that covers product replacement, which is recognized worldwide.
CAT Main Module Fitting Image

Why Choose CAT ?

Not all electronic rust suppression systems are the same !

Only a "negative electrolysis" - "impressed current" system like CAT is capable of effectively preventing rust development in "free air structures" such as motor vehicles and mobile plant and machinery. You can rest assured that every component associated with CAT is of the highest quality, and nothing else in the world can match the performance of a CAT unit in protecting your assets.

An Innovative Product for Harsh Conditions

CAT has been a leader in ERPS (Electronic Rust Prevention Systems) since 1989. Our team of engineers has been tirelessly researching and developing the CAT System, which is a versatile product that consistently delivers exceptional results. With thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, CAT continues to be at the forefront of electronic rust prevention technology.

Modular Design - Expandable

Thanks to its unique modular design, CAT allows for easy expansion at any time. You can conveniently purchase Expansion Packs that enable you to extend the system's operation from 2 Pads up to a maximum of 12 Pads. With these readily available Expansion Packs, expanding the system is a breeze.

Your Partner in the War Against Rust!

Electronic rust proofing is a powerful tool that can significantly extend the life of vehicles and machinery by mitigating the damaging effects of rust and corrosion. By protecting your assets against rust and corrosion, you can save a substantial amount of money on repairs and replacements while enjoying greater peace of mind.


The CAT ERPS System is certified to comply with the electromagnetic standards of Australia/New Zealand, the US, and Europe, and is built to meet ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing and procedural requirements. This ensures that the system operates at a high level of quality and reliability, meeting the strictest international standards for electronic devices.


CAT offers a 10-year product replacement guarantee for all its systems, providing customers with peace of mind and ensuring that their investment is protected. In addition to the product warranty, for the local Australian market, CAT also provides a vehicle corrosion warranty for up to 10 years. This further demonstrates CAT's commitment to providing high-quality and effective electronic rust protection solutions for vehicles and machinery.

Some Key Features

Purpose designed for Rust Suppression !

The CAT Electronic Anti-Corrosion System is purpose designed to suppress rust development in motor vehicles, trucks, buses, air conditioners and many other types of plant and machinery.

Auto-Switching 12V or 24V Operation !

The CAT System can function with either a 12VDC or 24VDC battery or power source, and it will automatically detect the input voltage and adjust its operation and diagnostics accordingly.

Modular Design - Easily Expandable

The Main Generator Module features two output circuits, with each circuit capable of powering up to 6 coupler pads connected in series (or a total of 12 Coupler Pads for both circuits). Furthermore, users can add extra coupler pads at any time to enhance the system's performance.

Shockproof and Waterproof !

The entire system, which includes the Main Control Module, Coupler Pads, Wiring Harness, and all connectors, is both shock and waterproof, surpassing IEC529, DIN40050, and IP67 standards.

CAT for Air-Conditioners

We offer a variety of Electronic Rust Protection Systems that are both effective and affordable for rust suppression in residential and commercial air-conditioners of any size. Our advanced technology has been tested and proven in Australian conditions, and is the top choice for many air-conditioning professionals.