CAT Electronic Rust Protection System 10 Pad Re-Installation Kit

Easily transfer your CAT Electronic Rust Protection System to a new vehicle with our 10 Pad Re-Installation Kit. Designed for seamless re-installation, this kit includes everything you need to ensure your system continues to provide top-notch rust protection. Perfect for those who value maintaining their vehicle’s pristine condition, this kit offers hassle-free installation with high-quality pads, complete wiring harness and detailed instructions. Trust CAT for reliable, long-lasting rust protection solutions.

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Additional information

Shipping Weight 1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 cm
Package Contents

6 x Large Coupler Pads 1 x Complete Wiring Harness 4 x 2m Pad Extension Leads Cable Ties Alcohol Swabs Spare Fuse Misc optional fixing screws Installation Guide


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